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Find something at Kyoto Handicraft Center, KHC for your memorable Kyoto trip!

Kyoto Handicraft Center (KHC) was opened in 1967. Since then we have offered beautiful and skilful Japanese handicrafts which fascinate people all over the world. All kinds of Japanese and Kyoto traditional crafts and specialty goods wait for you at KHC. What is more, your shopping is all duty-free. Why not visit KHC and find something which makes your Kyoto trip more memorable?

Open from 10:00a.m. to 18:00p.m.

For your duty-free shopping, you must spend over ¥10,502 at one shop. Please bring your passport and consumption tax will be deducted from the total amount.

Note: following items are not included in the duty-free shopping: FOOD, FILM, BATTERIES and COSMETICS. If you are a foreign resident in Japan, you are not qualified for duty-free shopping. For further information, please feel free to ask at the information desk.

Oversea Shipping!!
Your purchasing goods can be sent anywhere in the world (within the area covered by Japan Post Office).
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